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192.com publishes information already in the public domain. This could be names and addresses provided under license from the BT Directory Enquiries database, Companies House Director Reports or information from the Edited Electoral Roll. The Edited Electoral Roll is available for commercial purposes. 192.com publishes current and historical Electoral Rolls, and the relevant year is displayed on the right-hand side of our search results.

You can opt-out of the Edited Electoral Roll when you register to vote. You can also remove your details from 192.com for free by completing our C01 form. If you wish to be ex-directory please contact your telecommunications provider. 192.com does not facilitate junk mail: please contact the Telephone Preference Service and the Mail Preference Service for assistance, click here to find out more.

192.com has been reuniting friends and family since 1997, wining best-online directory at the 118 awards for the last seven years. It is used by 4 million people each month, and works with the Salvation Army to reunite families, and the Antony Nolan Trust to locate organ donors. 192.com is also used to locate and background check businesses. 192.com is licensed and regulated under the Data Protection Act and the Information Commissioner’s Office and all searches made on 192.com are logged. Our aim is to provide public information to the public, and allow people to connect with each other in a safe and secure way.


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