ADL fashion closely, powerful and stylish codentry’n’s energetic and lively style under the umbrella name with designs, Night Zoom night style that guarantees the collection, Genghis Abazoğlu, Mert Aslan, provided with names like Libby Ulusoy famous collaborations, wide range of products and customers are always important elements that differentiate our brand in the industry to provide quality products principle.

However, their company sales forces in the industry, the rapid procurement system and global market trends hot owes to deliver hot. The philosophy of their company; right time, right product, the right price and in the right place equation.

Brand Our competitive strategy; to reduce costs while strengthening the quality is determined by investing in technological innovation. Adil Işık Group is 90% of the domestic production of the product and our company provides jobs to nearly 10,000 people with the working principles. Adil Işık Group brands; Turkey’s labor with sales points in Turkey and abroad proudly represents both at home and abroad.


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