AIS is constantly moving forward to ensure that they always bring you the highest quality and most up-to-date mobile and fixed broadband including digital services to power your modern lifestyle and satisfy everybody’s different needs perfectly!

Their goal is to expand our network coverage to every corner of Thailand and continue developing their premium services to create a brighter future for all Thai people. AIS is committed to facilitating seamless communication through the application of 3G technology in conjunction with AIS Super WiFi for a superior network experience now and into the future.

To complete your digital lifestyle, AIS is the first and only operator that brings you the best pure Fibre Optic broadband network technology. Upgrade your online experience with AIS FIBRE, the super hi-speed and stable home internet service. Enjoy more with AIS PLAYBOX, the ultimate home digital entertainment system that not only delivers Thai and international movies, TV series or sports channels in 4K ULTRA HD quality, but also includes a 7-day playback feature and more than 14,000 karaoke songs for your enjoyment. Our target is to cover more than 10 million households across the country by 2017.

AIS turns your mobile devices into much more than just a tool for making and receiving voice calls. With a variety of quality entertainment and productivity applications and digital content, they meet the diverse demands of your modern lifestyle by helping you to live more digitally. Through the digital fun of AIS PLAYBOX, they bring you a whole new world-class entertainment experience of movies, TV series, sports, TV shows and karaoke. The digital age is now – and they are ready.

Their standard is to deliver the best service quality and be the customer service leader in the digital era. With AIS Serenade and AIS LIVE 360, they bring you a superior experience in every aspect of the digital lifestyle together with special privileges to serve your demands perfectly. AIS invites you to experience the quality of our service for yourself. With the latest technology and our dedicated staff, we offer a variety of service channels to deliver greater convenience and a complete service to keep your digital lifestyle flowing smoothly 24 hours a day.


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