Military equipment, army equipment, BW Nato Shop, Camping ASMC with reasonable prices and a huge selection of over 20,000 items.

As an internationally experienced manager in the consumer sector, Heinz Borkhard was already at its founding aware that the international marketing not only means an unlimited growth in the truest sense of the word, but is on the internal market for less vulnerability to economic downturns.

He has already laid early the company’s fortunes in export, thus creating the essential conditions for sustainable growth. When the company was founded, there was no Internet, as this but its steep ascent began, Heinz Borkhard has placed directly on the international orientation of the online stores.

For lovers of life full of adventure, our range is extensive clothing and equipment offer, be it hammocks or tents, backpacks or sleeping bags.

Their product range is an extensive offer of products for security activities, be it handcuffs, batons, protective sprays, etc.

If you are looking for such products, then here you will find everything you need from a real clothes for security activities, such as pants, shorts, gloves, shoes, decals, to pepper spray, flashlights. The acoustic warning devices, door stoppers, megaphones will be as reliable helpers. For your personal safety, in our store you will find a wide range of protective sprays and GS gas.

Camping means living in harmony with nature. For ASMC camping is the product philosophy. Their range of military clothing and military equipment is a great choice for military goods.


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