Review is a China web based site offering thousands of China made products. The company started out in computer software research and development until they focus on global e-commerce providing consumers with almost all the merchandise a person would need for his daily living.

The Products has over 70,000 diverse products that were meticulously chosen from the best providers and manufacturers one can find in China. They can provide you with mobile phones, tablets, clothing and apparels, beauty products, electronic items, watches, jewelry, lighting fixtures, outdoor and sports gadgets and a lot more.

To give the best service, they keep on updating their products with the latest styles, models and fashions a person would be interested and will surely love to own.

The Prices
I discovered that they are one of the online shops that offer the most reasonable prices upon comparing some of the items from similar sites. Then again, almost every day some of their products are offered with great discounts which is really difficult not to buy especially if you are in need of that particular product.

Payment can be made in a variety of currencies using Paypal, Credit or Debit card. It wasn’t obvious to me but to pay by Credit/Debit Card you have to click “Checkout with Paypal”. Paypal is used to process both Card and its own Paypal transactions.

Banggood ships worldwide.

very affordable selling prices
wide range of products to choose
provides good and safe packaging for your orders
great customer service allowing you to track your orders while in transit
delivers the goods on the schedule

difficulty in selecting method of shipping and entering delivery address (see how to do it below)
selection of payment method confusing – for both Paypal AND Credit/Debit card you should click “Checkout with Paypal”.


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