In the online store everyone can choose and buy watches, spending a little time – an easy search with many filters in a matter of minutes will select the model of your dreams among the many represented on the site.

In the catalog online store hours more than 190 brands of men’s and women’s watches of different price categories, with more than 50,000 products. Here you will find the most popular Swiss watches, Japanese and German, and even French and American. Expensive watches exclusive brands in a separate section. In addition, they have a wall, table and grandfather clock, jewelry and gifts. assortment is constantly updated!

Shipping & Delivery

They have their own delivery service which works in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Delivery time – 1, a maximum of 2 days.

In the regions of your orders delivered to our long-term partners: DHL, Russian Post, Special Communication, EMS, Garantpost, CPCR, Pickpoint. And on some watch brands it operates free shipping DHL, and then you get your hours in 2-3 days in the city directly from the hands of the courier.

In addition, they have 10 stores in St. Petersburg and 4 stores in Moscow – you can select and purchase a watch in one of our salons like from the range presented in the salon and clock seen on our website. To do this, place your order in ineternet catalog – and the correct model will be delivered to your nearest salon, where you can try on the clock, compare with other models, and make a purchase decision. Pickup from our stores as possible within 1-2 days after ordering.

Payment & Returns

Their watch store accepts payment by cash, bank cards and bank transfer from individuals and legal entities. You can pay directly to the courier in cash or by card, or make a payment for goods online using the Assist System. They accept all the most popular e-currencies. Our online store is a certified member of the system Yandex Money.


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