Review is an online store toys and other children’s products. We serve customers in more than 300 cities of Russia and strive to provide the best service at affordable prices.

They have their own warehouse – more than 8000 items. Has a wide selection of brands Hasbro and Mattel – new items visit them earlier than other stores with favourable prices and discounts for regular customers – for any toy.

How it works

1. Operators take your order over the phone, or you yourself place an order at our site

2. Warehouse workers collect customer orders and prepare items for shipment

3. Each item is individually packaged, is provided with a package of documents and barcodes Logistics Service

4. Courier service receives goods from our warehouse, calculates the optimal delivery routes and distributes the orders for delivery between the individual carriers

5. An hour before the courier will contact you by phone. You pay for the goods and get a set of documents with a cash check

6. Call center operator to selectively communicate with buyers to check the quality of the couriers and to answer possible questions


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