When it comes to purchasing supplements online there are always a top few sites I never stray too far from, well is one of them.

The selection is pretty darn good here. Just about everything you want will be here; a few things I wish they carried products from Purus Labs. In general you can find everything you really want, excellent selection.

Haven’t had any real issues here. I always have received my orders on time. Never had issues with billing or customer service either, always quick to respond to emails and not hard to get a hold of by phone.

The prices are generally pretty good. For the selection they have and the convenience of not having to search like crazy over the internet I’m not complaining one bit. If you search around you might find a few products a bit cheaper, but it’s never by much.

Overall this is a great website. It’s easy to use, well known, and reasonably priced. Whenever I’m looking for something online this is always the first place I check.


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