Bonbons is a Taiwan’s online Women’s Shoe shopping store!

They aim to provide women who love shoes, with a sense of design and high-quality beauty dream shoes.

Ya Jue International Toys Co., Ltd., established in 2010 and in the same year created its own brand Bonbons, focused on the Internet market to provide a good pair of shoes to wear comfortable starting point, style and product design and production quality is high demand Ya Jue international Toys Co., Ltd. to provide affordable, comfortable shoes as their responsibility.

It allows you to wear from the moment life began to change you. Bonbons candy from the French, has been, Bonbons want to convey Natural sex with a sweet but a little distinctive style, in addition to the presentation by the perfect design, but who can make the shoes become the protagonist. As Bonbons like forms, colorful changing, u where u can definitely find their own Bonbons.


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