Among the established and renamed the branch establishments that sell perfumes for all men is O’ Boticario , and the same is one of the most renowned companies and manufactures different fragrances and aromas , fully differentiated from those that are made by their competitors , allowing distribute news and innovations to the public which draws up for this segment .
O’ Boticario has a range of products are separated into lines , also called marks, within the company , providing easier for customers and consumers choose the items they want to consume according to the classifications provided by O’ Boticario himself, choosing the side that most attracts you.

O’ Boticario offers a variety of lines aimed at the male audience , allowing men to consume the sub-brands present in the various establishments of the company and even view them in vritual store.
The lines available and disclosed by Apothecary are: Acqua , Arbo , Coffee , Connexion , Dimitri , Aegean, Free, Galbe , Malbec , Portinari, Quasar , Styletto , Uomini , Xtreme and Zaad .

Of all the lines that are part of O’ Boticario and are marketed by the company concerned , some perfumes models can stand out due to its unique fragrance
Attracting customers and consumers men who want to include a new fragrance in their daily lives , allowing a great social life and even receiving praise from other women and even family and colleagues in general.

How to buy
Both products mentioned above , and other products that are manufactured and provided by O’ Boticario can be found in the units concerning the company spread across different regions in places , mainly in shopping centers and malls to attract even more customers and interested consumers.
Men who wish to acquire O’ Boticario products with convenience and comfort can also access the official website ( ) to make their purchases through the Internet , managing to get all desired perfumes and recebendo- the home after a certain period of time for delivery , ordering all items safely and confidently in this great company.


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