With BUYUSA.RU you can comfortably make purchases in shops and at auctions in the USA and Europe.

They are an intermediary between the seller and you. They will carry out the purchase for you, take the goods to their warehouse and deliver to the destination.

If you find items on ebay auction, they will win the item, not exceeding the maximum price you specify. You do not need to understand the intricacies of foreign participation in auctions or to register in a pile of different shops – simply register on and buy in stores around the world!

They search the goods, legal support of the transaction, transport logistics. Their operators will help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Keep track of purchases and the status of your account in real time on our website. Get into the account in the system and make your first purchase!

They will take all of the hassle associated with buying in the US and European online stores, resolve all the difficulties on the purchase and ebay amazon:

Their twenty-four hours Russian-speaking support team will help you with your order and will take the trouble to communicate with the seller. They obtain from the seller, check and send you your order. They will solve all the issues with customs clearance.

They’ll even help you find the right product if you do not handle this on their own. You just have to decide – because of the huge assortment of high-quality, beautiful and most importantly inexpensive items you want to buy!


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