CashNetUSA Review

This service grants you a line of credit against which you can borrow whenever you need extra cash.

While you can be approved for a loan over the phone, you cannot complete the loan process over the phone and must sign your loan agreement online.

The line of credit CashNetUSA offers can be beneficial when you need extra funds, but this setup makes it easy to borrow more than you may need because the funds are so readily available.

Many payday lenders approve you for a one-time loan and require you to reapply after paying off each loan. CashNetUSA works differently from those services; instead of a one-time loan, this direct payday loan lender offers a payday loan line of credit. If you’re approved for that line of credit, you can borrow against it whenever you find yourself needing a little extra money between paychecks (provided, of course, you have not maxed out that line of credit). This model for payday loans can be both a blessing and a curse because you can borrow funds so easily and interest is constantly accruing on any outstanding amount you haven’t paid back yet.


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