Castle Telecom has an outstanding reputation in the field of advice and support! That is why we personally call each customer after to ensure that you have found your subscription or appliance that meets your needs. Through the webshop or in physical store, there is always someone on hand to provide you with advice. With years of experience in the field of telecommunication, you receive tailored advice. That is the real castle feeling, no unpleasant surprises afterwards.

The website could be a little more focused on the customer by more clarification; There are certain products offered after clicking many times not further logical links. Furthermore, the standard business completely to order on the site (if you choose a product which much is taken). Convenience when ordering: on the day you receive multiple messages with the time of delivery.

Order (custom) very well put together, quick delivery, good accessibility (Email / Phone), clear conditions.

Can never be big enough; other sites offered on outdoor gear and bikes etc. But Castle has as far as I can see the largest range. Enormously broad choices best combinations and products that you want and good prices 99% is in stock and not opvooraad a quick addition to the range so that you receive your product quickly. Price is competitive in comparison with other retailers.


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