STYLEPIT is Scandinavia’s largest fashion site for men, women and children. Their team of fashion experts choose the latest styles and collections of the brands that we think fits our fashion universe. STYLEPIT is part of STYLEPIT AS fashion universe.

STYLEPIT headquartered in less than expected and sells products to over 20 countries.

STYLEPIT A / S and thus STYLEPIT was launched in 2000 by four partners – Christian Kusk, Nicolai Kærgaard, Jens Dalsgaard and Poul Kusk. The store began operations under confined conditions. In the basement under the shop “Poul Kusk” was the first packets sent out to our customers. Earnings were minimal, but they could keep the skin on the nose by having low wages, no rent and minimal costs to inventory. They used a simple store inventory, so the item was first purchased at the same moment, as it should be sold at STYLEPIT and STYLEPIT.

Every penny they earned the first few years were spent on marketing and purchasing. Their shares rose calm and quiet, and it became increasingly clear that they were about to grow out of their warehouse.

Today STYLEPIT over 250 full-time employees.


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