Central – Online Retailer Store

Central is the omni-channel retail leader. The group offers home entertainment and stationary shops, bookstores, and office supplies solution providers through both in-store and online formats. There were more than 18 product categories from fashion, beauty, and healthcare to kitchenware, electronic appliances, and gadgets as well as stationary, books, CD’s, and DVD’s.


Central also has consumer goods available as a convenient alternative for grocery shopping. Moreover, the company offers customers with the efficient next-day-delivery and receives payments by cash or credit card at the delivery point. So customers can enjoy shopping online with our trusted and secured procedures.



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Orami – For Mom & Baby Needs

Orami is the only Women-focused shopping destination in Indonesia & Thailand. Because modern Women are living very busy lives and have a lot of responsibilities, their time is precious. On Orami, find everything you want, from daily essentials to coveted lifestyle needs. You can find tips and products in categories like Beauty, Fashion Accessories, Living, Electronics, Health and Mom & Baby and Pets, with the convenience of it being delivered to your front door.

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With a mix of both local and international brands and new items available every week, Orami offers a large variety of quality products to suit your lifestyle, whether you are a student, a worker, a mother, a friend, a lover, a daughter.



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MatahariMall.com Online Shopping

MatahariMall.com is the no. # 1 and largest in Indonesia. We provide the best service facilities to support your online shopping safely, comfortably and reliably. MatahariMall.com offers various transactions such as interbank transfers, credit cards with 0% installment, O2O (Online-to-Offline), COD (Cash On Delivery), and other methods.

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MatahariMall.com provide hundreds of thousands of products at the best prices from all the needs, ranging from women’s fashion, product health & beauty , smartphones , hp oppo , gadgets, watches samsung , watches casio , watches expedition, Electronics, hobbies, food & beverages, and more. We offer 24 hours non-stop discount and dozens of interesting promotions every day. In this way, cheap online shopping can be an interesting option that pity if you miss.



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JD.id Online Shopping Review

JD is Asia’s largest online direct sales company listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange. As a technology-based company, JD provides a fun online shopping experience with rich content and user-friendly applications.

The goods we offer are always new and original products with competitive price. We also offer a wide range of convenient, on-the-go and on-premises payment method (COD) payment methods with professional customer service.

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We always refer to “Customize Customers, Prioritize Honesty”. In order to maintain customer satisfaction and rights, we have a 100% Consumer Protection system. We will refund the customer’s money completely if the goods purchased are not sent, defect, or any other reason causing the customer to be dissatisfied with the goods he / she bought.

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