BarkBox – Presents for your Dog

We believe every dog in the world should be happy and healthy. We aim to thrill dogs by delivering them the best the world has to offer. We plan to bring this good fortune to all dogs, even those without homes yet, which is why we’ll donate $3 for every BarkBox sold to a local rescue or shelter.

BarkBox is a box of high quality dog products for your pup, delivered to your door each month. Each month you’ll receive a handpicked selection of high quality dog products –from toys and innovative gadgets to gourmet treats, bones, hygiene products and essentials – this is doggy heaven on earth !


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For humans, BarkBox is a monthly delivery of toys, treats, and chews. For dogs, BarkBox is like the joy of 1 million belly scratches. From heavy chewers to special allergies, we paw-pick the best natural treats, chews, and innovative toys to match your dog’s unique preferences.

Each month you’ll receive a handpicked selection of high quality dog products –from toys and innovative gadgets to gourmet treats, bones, hygiene products and essentials – this is doggy heaven on earth !


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Tractive – Pet GPS

The Tractive GPS tracking device for pets and other animals will always let you know where your pet is.
Check the location of your pet in a browser or using one of our free mobile apps for smartphones (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone).


Do you want to get an alert if your horse leaves the paddock? If your dog plays in your neighbor’s backyard? If your cat has run out of the village? Then Tractive Safe Zone is a fantastic feature you don’t want to miss. Tractive enables you to set a Safe Zone for your pet. As soon as your pet leaves the Safe Zone, you get an alert directly on your smartphone. No SMS costs, no hidden fees.

Tractive not only shows you where your pet was a few minutes ago, but also enables you to track your pet LIVE over the internet or the Tractive Apps. Start the Live-Tracking Mode and you will see the trace where your pet was and where it is headed right now.

The integrated light not only helps to find missing pets in the dark, but also increases the visibility of your pet when going for a walk close to roads.


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Online store Vodovoz.RU became one of the first shops offering on-line sale of potable, mineral and medicinal water, equipment for water supply, pumps, juices, fruit drinks, beer, tea, coffee , confectionery and related products in the home or office.

Currently Vodovoz.RU is a large company, which owns the online store and having in its network nationwide call-center, which regulates all store operations, sales, service delivery, a staff, own warehouse c constant presence of an adequate supply of goods.

Vodovoz.RU delivers water in Moscow and the Moscow region. They will deliver your order to your address at any time convenient for you. Their staff will help install the equipment and answer all your questions. Vodovoz.RU guarantees the quality of products supplied by Russian and foreign manufacturers.

Vodovoz.RU services can benefit both individuals and legal entities. With Vodovoz.RU convenient: You do not have to waste your time standing in queues, store, and strength to drag heavy goods, they will deliver your order to the door of the apartment. Vodovoz.RU holds shares and gives presents.

During this time, they have established partnerships with leading manufacturers enables us to offer high quality products at competitive prices.


– reasonable and competitive prices;
– a wide range of goods;
– qualitative descriptions and product images;
– product search in the shop;
– feedback system;
– selling only certified and have the legal origin of the goods;
– warranty we purchased equipment;
– purchase of goods from the comfort of your home or office;
– rapid approval of the goods from the customer to confirm the order;


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Japan Kenko’s drugstore!

You can buy a product such as selling a child plush coin Paz, DHC, hyujok time, Kobayashi fever seat, konjac jelly.

Payment Method: In Kenko Com credit card, (payable at the post office and convenience store) transfer paper, available cash on delivery, comfort. Bank (old e-Bank Corporation).

Deliery: Kenko Com, except for the part of the health equipment direct from the manufacturer, we have entrusted the delivery to the Yamato with a reputation by polite our handling of goods.

Your time from dispatch until delivery will vary slightly depending on the delivery area and traffic conditions, etc., but is usually from 2 days about 5 days. Depending on the availability and size of the product, you might want to send it divided your luggage you order two or more of a cardboard box.

Product Category

Drug, Health food, Hood, Water and beverage, Cosmetics, Daily necessities, Health care, Nursing care, baby, Health consumer electronics, Healing, Pet, Sport


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