Review your online shopping stores, clothing and househoold goods. They follow the trends and constantly replenish our collection. In our virtual shop windows presented shoes for every taste: simple and classic, sports, men’s shoes, women’s shoes, shoes for any season. The store brand has long been recognized in our country: Ellenka, Vladis, Anastasia, Blossem, Cantarini, Helgas, Jose Amorales, Nina, Queen, Blossem, Angus, Kiss Rabbit.

They have reasonable prices. Due to the fact that the Internet shoe store does not bear those costs that are inherent outlets: rent, salaries of employees of the hall, expensive advertising, the price of our shoes is significantly lower than in traditional stores.

High quality is one of the advantage here in Clasno. They work without intermediaries, directly with the manufacturer. This makes it possible to guarantee the quality of each pair of shoes. Any of our manufacturing partners have been successfully operating on the Ukrainian market for several years and was able to prove the quality of their products.

Comfortable buying. In order to choose the right shoes, you do not need to bypass dozens of shops, wasting time and nerves. With a convenient directory, detailed description and detailed photos online you can quickly buy shoes in Kiev or any other Ukrainian city.

A variety of models, high quality materials, lots of discount programs, loyal prices, the possibility of bulk purchase, all these here in!


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