comGateway is an e-Commerce company that provides solutions for consumers to buy online and ship internationally to more than 200 countries.

Since 2005, comGateway has served customers globally to shop from any U.S. online store. It is the market leader as it constantly innovated service features such as a Sales Tax Free U.S. Address, the BuyForMe service, Repacking, LiveQuote etc.

They have more than 800,000 registered users and they are trusted by global payment companies like Visa, PayPal and JCB to operate their e-commerce portals. That means they are constantly audited to comply with the highest standards of service quality and security.

Shop with comGateway in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Shop from thousands of U.S stores online and pay the store or use BuyForMe service.

Step 2: Have all your purchases delivered to your U.S. address.

Step 3: comGateway will help to consolidate your purchases and deliver them to your home.

As soon as you register with us, you’ll be given a free, sales tax-exempted U.S. shipping address, and the fun can begin!


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