Have you ever stopped to think that the best moments of his life, in a way, were provided by your car?

Come and go college and work, take the kids to school, make trips on the weekend. Your car is an important part of your life. Find the right accessories can be a challenge. ConnectParts goal is to make it simple for you to discover the possibilities of making it all the more enjoyable.

With years of experience in the segment of automotive parts and accessories, Dakota Parts Imports just switch brands and launch a new online store! Now they are the Connectparts – created by passionate drivers for passionate drivers.

Their team is full of enthusiastic employees who know the products and they love to help you improve the appearance, safety and comfort of your car!

Connect environment is professional, but upbeat and fun. They are not only a die-hard group to serve you. They do research and develop relations with the most respected national and international manufacturers, and for this reason, they offer an extensive range of options for automotive parts and accessories with the lowest market prices.

The virtual store Connectparts is designed to be user friendly and safe; You, you will quickly find the product you are looking for.

They love cars, their customers love cars. More than selling parts and accessories, they share our passion for cars with our customers.

They want to make room to exchange information, thus forming a great community!

They are more than the largest sellers of car parts and accessories in Latin America, they are a club aficionados. Browse the shop and feel free! Review, take note and share information about products on social networks. After all, Connectparts was made for you!


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