Dormeo is a famous European brand. The history of it begins in 2002 with the production of mattresses, today the brand has a range of more than 100 names. It pillows, mattress covers, blankets, bedding for children and adults, furniture for bedroom, blankets, bathrobes and other accessories for the home.

Produces high Dormeo mattresses for beds and sofas to thin. All mattresses Dormeo – unsprung. Instead of springs used memory foam – a unique material that adapts to the shape of your body. Foam memory is unique: it supports, but does not press on the body properly adjusts the heat, it does not live dust mites and bacteria.

Dormeo products was developed in Italy. Now Italy is concentrated only in the production of mattresses, all other products are made in China, but the product development, the introduction of technology and quality control involved European experts.

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