E96.ru Review

Internet hardware store E96.ru – the most dynamically developing company among domestic online retailers. The geography of our presence expands incredibly fast, and the range of products – and even faster. The principle of success online store E96.ru simple and reliable: to sell the best products at the best prices anywhere, how far can reach its own logistics.

Prompt delivery – the first thing proved itself the best online store in Yekaterinburg. Without limiting the metropolis, they are ready to bring order to the customer at any location in the area. The same applies to all other regions of presence: Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk, Samara and many others.

Another advantage of the Internet appliance store E96.ru – very, very voluminous catalog, which is updated daily. They – the leading online store and confidently keeps the brand: more than four product categories. And all in their online store home appliance items about the same as average residents in the city.

They are trusted. They do not make empty promises to customers: payment occurs only after receipt and inspection of goods. All the products are provided by quality certificates and official guarantee, which guarantees: You will not acquire low-quality consumer goods.


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