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Universal Russia “Eksmo” publishing works on all book market segments, with the exception of school textbooks: Action literature (including women, intelligent and adventurous detectives), modern fiction, children’s literature, domestic and foreign fiction and popular science and applied literature.

Every year “Exmo” produces about 60 million books. Authors publishing portfolio includes about 8,000 names.

In 2005, the publishing house “Eksmo” passed a divisional structure. Divisions are essentially specialized publishing houses, are endowed with all the necessary powers and control the entire process of creating a book. At this point in publishing are 4 divisions:

– Fiction: contemporary prose, action-literature, fiction.
– Children’s and Adolescent Literature: books and teaching aids for children from 0 to 17 years.
– Popular science and applied literature: guides, cookbooks, books on education, health, garden and vegetable garden.
– Stationery.

Today, the publishing house “Eksmo” publishing house is №1 in Russia and one of the largest in Europe, the undisputed leader in the total volume of published literature. Under the label “Eksmo” produced 20% of the Russian book production. “Eksmo-AST” Group took on the results of 2013 the 45-th place in the world ranking of publishers published in Publishers Weekly magazine.

“Eksmo” is a member of the Russian Book Union, is one of the initiators and developers of national programs of support and development of reading. In 2005, “Eksmo” was awarded the honorary title of “Leader of the Russian economy.” “Eksmo” is the initiator of the year in Russian literature.


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