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With the website and app get sick you can send your sickness pro straight from the cell site and do a bit of other things that you just thought were possible in that big machine:. Your computer.

They are more than 100,000 sellers and more than 1 million products registered. You have used, since abused, handled all right and no longer want. not doze, will promote consumer awareness, sustainable. They can sell the things that you have never used. If your product is sold, you pay 20% commission + R $ 2.15 ad rate. if not sold you pay nothing.

How to sell
First login to the website or create account firts. You need to upload pictures. You can send till 8 product photos but here begins the magic: you can drag photos to your browser, add the computer or a url. Next reviewing pictures, after upload, rolls a second step, where you see the photos you sent (to see if it was all right) and can remove or add more. Then you choose which category your product will be. if you are in girls, boys, etc. and such and so on. example: girls – shoes – sandals. ein. but if wrong, can you change later. Now you gonna describe the little beauty, will sell the fish, will tell you everything about the product. size, color, etc. ah, this is where the choice of freight and the price is made.

How to buy
First login to the website or create account firts. Choose the delivery address, the form of payment and confirms the purchase. you only pay the value of the product and shipping. all in a safe and warm environment. As soon as payment is confirmed, you will receive an email informing of grace achieved. the seller too, so he will drop the tea and go running post your product at the post office. And to the overall security of the nation, the seller only receive money when you confirm the receipt of purchase. so, after you received, you give a “ok, i got just right” in your page “my shopping” and the seller can enjoy the greenbacks.

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