Since the very beginning in 1982, Euroflorist’s mission has been to help people send greetings through flowers. Together with their florists, they offer the easy and safe way to make your friends, family, colleagues and loved ones feel happy, noticed and remembered. They also work to help the florists in our network, by making their everyday life easier and contributing to the success of their own companies.

Today they have Europe’s biggest network of professional florists. Together, they help you send flowers wherever you want, whenever you want. Whether it is to the other side of the city, the country or anywhere in the world. Since the start, their head office has been situated in Malmö, Sweden. Today, they have operations in 12 countries, with offices in Sweden, Holland, England, Germany and France. Euroflorist’s history spans three decades.

When placing your order in one of their web shops they transfer it to a partner florist nearest your chosen recipient’s address. They then equip the florist with your order details, such as bouquet name, size, possible add-ons, and of course the delivery date and address.

The florist will then create your bouquet, add if wished so wine, chocolate or card, and personally deliver it on the preferred date to your loved one. Their individual partner florists assemble a bouquet according to the description of your web shop pick. This bouquet will be delivered, if wished so on the very same day, by the very same florist.

Since the start 30 years ago, Euroflorist has delivered more than 41 million bouquets around the world, making millions of people happy.

Although today they are a successful international company, the entrepreneurial spirit from the attic office on Norra Vallgatan is still alive. They work every day to exceed the expectations of their customers and florists and to spread happiness and joy through flowers – anywhere, anytime.


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