Fashion Cookie Site name meaning: “as easy as buying biscuits get popular.”

“Value for money, the purchase without the burden, easy to match readily fashion” is – derived out of the spirit of the brand. That purpose is to allow consumers’ easy to experience popular.

With the popularity of sports fashion and Broadwood concepts, the market demand for functional apparel has increased steadily, much sought after popular, no longer limited to clothing appearance, paying attention to the nature of the fabric, as well as its additional function of energy have a better, more comfortable wearing apparel and life experience.

The price of clothing is functional in a given impression, are biased in high-priced, it is not easy to start, Fashion Cookie seen such a demand, and therefore [apparel] Corpo X function emerged.

Corpo in Italian, the physical meaning, binding Runtai people-oriented spirit, they come up with the ability and standard service world famous brand, to create a comprehensive upgrade people comfortable in different environments wearing overcome the unfriendly environment, the pursuit of more healthy beautiful tomorrow of a new brand.

Future Fashion Cookie website will continue to develop a greater variety of goods to meet the needs of different levels in your life, where you can fully enjoy Shengdeng service after shopping, as well as practical information function product, let us together easily experience popular!


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