Francisca was the name of Sabrina Nunes’ (entrepreneurial in Francisca Contemporary Jewelry) grandmother and godmother. She made a tribute to her using their name, by the force of meaning, perseverance and affection.

They are a brand created especially for the female universe, with accessories that will the delicate and discreet line to fashion and luxury. It is an innovative brand that sells accessories online, specializing in earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces, with bold design and following the main trends of fashion.

As a hobby, Francisca was taking shape. The beginning was in an online sales portal. His great achievement began with the acceptance of friends, colleagues and shop the Elo7 and success in social networks. Today, with more than 55mil fans, it resulted on a site nviando own affection for the whole country.

So is FRANCES! A brand with its own style, made ​​for strong personality of women who only wear what they like and know how to value the quality of every detail.

Innovation, elegance and beauty are key items, and is thinking about that FRANCES develops a powerful mix of jewelry to meet the most demanding preferences, sophisticated, modern and traditional pieces.

Through dreams, research and partnerships with designers FRANCES always develops what’s best for you.

They develop partnerships with fashion bloggers, launching modern and current collections. The pieces are made ​​with precious metals, coated with 18k gold, all guaranteed. Some complete your beauty with natural or Zirconia stones and all receive antiallergic finish.


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