For many years, they were selling the game to different stores, and they are – you and do it well ! But they decided that they can cope better!

Their goal – to make the purchase of games is not only convenient, but also enjoyable. And so they are pleased to present you all the news of the game world on the day of release. And besides – with convenient payment system, instant delivery of activation codes fast distro download speed and pleasant bonuses, competitions, discounts, and most importantly – the ability to communicate with peers and reap the benefits with the purchase of your favorite games.

Years of experience with foreign publishers and the desire to get your opinion about our work, gives us a chance to implement its plans in a form that like for you.

Given the fact that the shop has room to grow (in terms of the delivery of legal versions of games in each city, home computer), they decided not to wait for favors of destiny and investment in the development of legal gaming retail and ALREADY have collected the most interesting and regularly updated catalog of PC and online games.
Their reputation and good relations with publishers allow them to offer you not only play on the day of their release, but also the possibility of registration of pre-orders, and it is – early releases, special deals, and unique in-game bonuses.

The two key words in our work: INSTANTLY and CONVENIENT !
Please its customers and offer them interesting actions – their favorite activity. Watch for updates on the site, and you will be able to receive the most unexpected and a nice bonus!

And remember, buying a game from them, YOU little saving the planet by getting rid of printing and plastic! A trifle, but nice.


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