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The galleries GOSSO collect only the best collection of covers for modern mobile gadgets – the widest range of smartphones, tablet PCs, e-books, notebooks. Also always in stock all kinds of useful things for the gadgets: safety glass and film, chargers and rechargeable batteries, the external power supply of mobile devices and everything for self holders in cars and headsets, and more.

It collect the best and unusual leather goods, many of which can safely be called leather masterpieces! They always pamper you with exquisite wallets and purses, belts and unusual cover for a passport or avtodokumentov, bracelets and cosmetic bags, business card holders and diaries, as well as a huge variety of other leather products!

The galleries GOSSO collect unusual design, bright, stylish women’s and men’s bags. Here you will find a lot of shopping bags with and without original prints from leather and textiles, as well as eco-leather. All kinds of bags, clutches, bags, plates, purses and more you will please your great design!

It also collect designer accessories to create comfort in the house. Here you can always find the elegant and luxurious interior, which further accentuate the style and status of your home. Many design details to create a home-like atmosphere in the kitchen, in the bedroom, living room, bathroom, children will not leave anyone indifferent Buyer. In the galleries of women’s secrets are going to a variety of useful things from the bright ladies boxes for jewelry to women’s umbrellas …

The galleries GOSSO collect unusual gifts and souvenirs. Here you will find all of the most original and interesting things that might be unusual and unique gifts for any occasion.

The galleries GOSSO you can choose the best covers for mobile gadgets; bags and various accessories leather goods; Interior decoration; gifts and souvenirs; various designer home accessories, as well as for different occasions, different directions of style. You can give your favorite thing to gift to your loved ones or friends, business partners or colleagues.


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