The city of Ivanovo is considered to be the traditional center of the textile industry in Russia. Back in the 16th century the first looms, which were made linen fabrics. Over time, the Ivanovo Textile getting higher quality fabric made of very soft and elastic fibers. The edge of the weavers and textile region that has kept all the best tradition of high-quality bedding and textiles. Today, textiles from Ivanov’s famous even abroad, and all thanks to the long experience and accumulated traditions.

Textiles created by caring hands Ivanovo masters, always had and now has a distinctive look, and the phrase “Ivanovo brand” has become a cult classic. The popularity of the Ivanovo textile reached such colossal proportions that many manufacturers produce their product under the brand famous factories Ivanovo. Regular customers can buy a low-quality textiles, faced with unscrupulous manufacturers and just disappointed in the product, which is produced in Ivanovo. To avoid this, it is better to buyCurrently Ivanovo Textile online store “Grandstok.”

The famous Ivanovo bedding takes a position of superiority in the world.Why it received universal recognition, not having even ancient history, such as linens Chinese silk? The history of Russian linen associated with the village Shuisky. With the advent of the first Shuiskis factories, Ivanovo factories, textiles from Ivanovo online store that offers the best of seamstresses and designers, becoming the most popular andquality. Mass production of linen clothing from eco-friendly materials made of cotton Ivanovo region a major textile giant.

Mass consumer important is the fact that “the city of brides” works a lot of factories and outlets, then there are thousands of manufacturers Ivanovo textile otshivayut their products for our comfort. Therefore the choice of the modern buyer has no borders, the only thing that stays the same each manufacturer – low cost.

In the online store linens Ivanovo you can buy first-class quality and for every taste. What are the benefits of linen, sewn on the Ivanovo factories? It is in the quality and appearance of the product is far superior to foreign manufacturers. Buying a bed set in the online store is convenient for several reasons:
– PBC online – Ivanovo production, which uses all the most innovative techniques of sewing;
– Bed linen Ivanovo sewing – quality and beautiful;
– You can buy cheap bedding online store, reasonable prices – one of the priorities of the Ivanovo products;
– They- adults and children suites;
– The site contains luxury linens and Budget;
– They recommend that you buy exclusive “live” sets with 3D – image;
– Sleeping kits are in stock “sale” of even lower prices;
– Always available standard sizes;

Buy Ivanovo textiles online store offers wholesale and retail customers!


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