HijUp.com Review

HijUp.com is the world’s first Islamic fashion e-commerce established in 2011. With an online mall concept, they provide a wide range of the best products from Indonesian Islamic fashion designers. The products they provide are for Moslem women in particular, from clothing, hijab/headscarf, accessories and more.

Since its establishment, HijUp.com functions as an agent between designers and their prospective buyers around the world. With HijUp.com designers can increase their profits more efficiently while making it easier for buyers to find the products they want.

HijUp stands for Hijab Up (just like in Make Up or Dress Up). Because they believe that they can bring something Up to all Moslem women around the world. That while wearing Hijab, they are not limited to do anything worthwhile, create something wonderful, and earn a lot of respect from others. They deserve to be happy and looking great in pretty but syar’i outfit and fashionable hijab.


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