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Homaen shopping (Home & Shopping) is a Republic of Korea’s home shopping is a channel. It was established for market expansion and consumer interests realization of SME products. Home & Shopping viewers (consumers) to develop high-quality products to demanding better products through innovation by lowering the sales price of an existing distribution structure will provide an opportunity to buy at the best price.

Member/Ordering Process
You can order goods without having to signup. However, the events, reserve, discount coupons, you can not receive benefits such as free gifts. If you’re a member, you can check all such details, shipping status of products ordered. If you sign up through us Internet (mobile) registration Double registration (account number created two) if you are. If you cancel your order the same day you order just one day the card can be canceled if the payment request is forwarded to the credit card company has canceled, except for the holidays to complete 2-3 schedule also it takes time.

Shipping and Delivery
After visiting website or mobile home and shopping [My Shopping Cart]> If you choose Track from the Order / Delivery You can check the detailed shipping information. Large household appliances, furniture, computers, etc. For product installation and customization takes about 7-15 days (excluding weekends and holidays).

Shipping companies have to work on weekends and public holidays, absence (courier companies, suppliers) delivery difficult. However, some exceptional items (some of the furniture and large appliances shipping directly from vendor) is a holiday in the delivery.

Prices of other cases for shipping may be shipped separately, even if ordered together, if the same source can also vary depending on the shipping date of arrival taekbaesa moving time. Quick delivery by the supplier assessment process is impossible. But sadly, due to a problem such services do not perform overseas delivery.


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