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Hopi Hari is a Brazilian theme park located at Km 72 of Bandeirantes Highway, Vinhedo in the state of São Paulo. It is located 30 km from Campinas and 80 km from São Paulo.

With 0.76 km², is considered the second largest amusement park in Brazil, and is part of the tourist complex SerrAzul Full Life. Hopi Hari is a fictitious country – its employees are residents – with “president”, capital, language itself, among other features. Due to the debts of the park in June 2009, the group GP Investments sold the park for a symbolic value to the group HH II PT S/A.

Opened on November 27, 1999, Hopi Hari was designed and built by International Theme Park Services Inc., a U.S. company located in the city of Cincinnati, who based the design of the park at Paramount King’s Island, a theme park located in the city also Cincinnati in Ohio. Originally, the park was to be called “Playcenter Great Adventure”, as its name shows, it belonged to the Playcenter group, but due to the crisis that Brazil was in the 1990s, it was forced to sell it while still under construction, as a consequence of the reduction in visitors at Playcenter. The company GP Investments took over the works, where the park project has undergone several changes, including a name change to “Hopi Hari.”

There are a number of shops throughout the park, the majority being at the end of each ride. For food, one can travel to the numerous sandwich shops located throughout the park. For a more interesting eating experience, there are several small restaurants in the park, generally with a different food theme, such as the English Pub.


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