Hoy-Xay Review

Welcome to the shop of electronics KNOW-HOW – the first European electronics store format in the Russian Federation! Most modern digital gadgets, expert advice.

KNOW-HOW is a network of stores of digital electronics new European format Do not worry, seeing instead of the usual green button logo KNOW-HOW. It’s still us, only more reliable and professional!

Setup and training

They do not just sell gadgets, they set up the equipment as is necessary for you. Feel free to baste know-how of experts, our brand was created exactly for this purpose.

Return money

They are not afraid to return the goods! It is much more important than your trust and love for them. Therefore, in the KNOW-HOW stores you can always return or exchange the item within 30 days of taking out the KNOW-HOW card. No problem!

Technical support

They do not leave customers after purchase. If you have any questions, you can always get expert technical support by phone 8 495 514-12-12 or by personal visit to the store.

Service subscribers

Each shop know-how – is a full-service office Beeline subscribers. Replacing the SIM card, the opening roaming detailed account Connection services – all in one place and no queues.

Personal service

Daily KNOW-HOW operates a sufficient number of experts to provide personalized service to each visitor to the store. 1 client = 1 expert.


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