Ikesaki.com.br Review

Conceived to offer new solutions for the beauty market, and recognized as the hiperloja professional, the Ikesaki has more than 50 years, combining tradition and innovation. And from the start, made a commitment to be a credible channel between the beauty industry and customers: professionals and consumers, enabling them to have access to products, information and technical improvements

The cosmetics created by Ikesaki retail model is not only based on trade in goods, but in full compliance with all the public that relate to the business, with solutions that pass through connection, delivering content and exclusive services. Thus, it is impossible to speak of the development of the beauty industry in Brazil without mentioning the Ikesaki.

Over these 50 years, Ikesaki invested mainly in human relations. A success story built with an essential ingredient: confidence. Therefore, Ikesaki committed to continuous evolution, valuing brands and products from our suppliers, serving and inspiring professionals and consumers.

Today there are seven hiperlojas and thousands of square meters that maintains the original concept of being outlets with complete solutions: large variety of products and services that offer the best shopping experience for customers in a 100% environment facing the beauty.

Ikesaki. The hiperloja beauty professional.


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