The success story of Imaginarium yet begun in the eighties, when an architect and a doctor decided that pass more time with her two young daughters, closely watching their growth: the family’s quality of life was priority. The couple started working at home, producing handmade Christmas ornaments, which were sold in the neighborhood.

The demand was so great that production had to turn professional. Before long, the products were being sold in major department stores. Always in search of well-being and quality of life, the family moved to Florianópolis in 1991, when he was born the Imaginarium brand. At first, the products had lots of wood, warmth, cooking items, all suggesting experiences to be shared with family, friends or for simple celebration of existence.

In just four years he had fifteen franchises Imaginarium in Brazil today are 192 unique shops, and e-commerce channels and 600 multi-brand. During this time, the Imaginarium team grew also currently numbering over 750 professionals spread over three offices in Florianópolis (Creation Office, Franchise Office and Distribution Center) and an international office.

This is the story of a company that has grown and established itself as a benchmark in design with innovation and fun, better known as fun design. Their greatest mission is to work every day so that you always find in stores products emocionem and bring fun to your daily life.


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