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Looking for a nice room? Kamertje.nl has a great offer for you! Looking for a room consists of three steps:

– Find an appropriate room in the city of your choice
– Send a comment via the website
– The landlord will contact you and invite example for a viewing. The further settlement rule you directly with the landlord.

Kamertje.nl Most private landlords ad on Kamertje.nl to offer their rooms. Often, the owner of the house allows the residents of the house to place an ad so that they can look for a roommate. Sometimes posted by administrators or mediators rooms. This is allowed, but they do ask them for any agency fee to mention already in the ad text so that you make the choice to show interest. Compare and decide where you want to respond to. Keep track Kamertje.nl offers an email service on. So you get an instant message when a new room in your favorite city is offered. You know so sure you do not miss anything!

How it works

Now place free an ad to quickly find a suitable candidate. Kamertje.nl is visited daily by thousands of students and graduates. The Internet is now the best way to find a tenant. It’s quick and easy and completely free. Rent your room at Kamertje.nl!

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