Japan Kenko’s drugstore!

You can buy a product such as selling a child plush coin Paz, DHC, hyujok time, Kobayashi fever seat, konjac jelly.

Payment Method: In Kenko Com credit card, (payable at the post office and convenience store) transfer paper, available cash on delivery, comfort. Bank (old e-Bank Corporation).

Deliery: Kenko Com, except for the part of the health equipment direct from the manufacturer, we have entrusted the delivery to the Yamato with a reputation by polite our handling of goods.

Your time from dispatch until delivery will vary slightly depending on the delivery area and traffic conditions, etc., but is usually from 2 days about 5 days. Depending on the availability and size of the product, you might want to send it divided your luggage you order two or more of a cardboard box.

Product Category

Drug, Health food, Hood, Water and beverage, Cosmetics, Daily necessities, Health care, Nursing care, baby, Health consumer electronics, Healing, Pet, Sport


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