Kidzania is a worldwide network of educational parks where children playfully get real jobs skills.

Kidzania is a children’s park game training, where everything looks and functions like in this city. Here the children try their hand in more than 100 occupations, get useful knowledge and memorable experiences.

In Kidzania, you can become a pilot, a doctor, a photographer, you can create a television program, to work on the radio or the construction site, to be trained in the school of a secret agent or modify the connection to the telecommunications tower.

The journey begins in Kidzania as well as many adults travel – at the airport.

Children cashing card issued at the airport and get kidzo – Kidzania money. They can spend their kidzo as they want: to see the show, to be trained at the university, or visit the beauty salon. But when the money runs out, they will have to go to work – just like in real life.


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