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KOTON is Ccreative and innovative, customer and technology oriented. Bringing together the season trends with unique designs. They have unlimited products and design abundance. KOTON is a leader of the fashion and retail in Turkey.

Focusing on “You”. In KOTON, only your expectations stand in the forefront.

The product design begins with analyzing your demands, mixing it with fashion trends and ends with being re-designed. KOTON is always with you to help you show your style in a comfortable way. The product you demand is put on the market with the charming price, in the best locations and under the glamorous store ambience.

All the trends of the fashion and the collections prepared with stylish colors, patterns, lines and coupes are present in KOTON for everyone who wants to seem elegant and well-groomed throughout the every moment of the day.

The products reflecting the latest fashion, which can be used along different timelines in a day life including business life by especially young citizen professionals, are in our stores with charming prices.

KOTON stores address to five senses of yours; they make you happy besides shopping, they relax you, they meet your every expectation related to shopping. Because in these days buying clothes is not just buying clothes! It is an experience of shopping and pleasure!

KOTON plays a major role in increased competition and traffic in malls which include KOTON, since it gives a high-class and comfortable shopping experience.

After renewing its growth strategy, KOTON is in 25 countries with 362 stores, 255 of them being in Turkey, 107 of them being abroad thanks to working systematically using its knowledge, experience and technology.

KOTON stores are with you in the special cities around the world including Athens, Dubai, Bucharest, Moscow!


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