Review is an online shop garment factories Lacy. Beautiful and quality clothes, home textiles, bags, jewelry and other accessories at retail at wholesale prices straight from the factory-manufacturer.

In their online store more than 100,000 different products: models of dresses, sundresses, blouses, skirts, trousers, bed linen, bedspreads, curtains, bags, accessories. For women, men, children, home. This is – a very large selection. Any woman can always find something interesting for himself, her husband and their children.

Models brands Lacy, Trispa, Ardenna and JatRaw we develop and produce themselves in their sewing factory. Natural cosmetics SIBERINA we develop and produce themselves, in their cosmetic factory.

Updating the models of production takes place very often. Each month, they produce 150-200 new clothes. In addition, every day they come to the new items of clothing and household products from their supplier partners.

When you make your first order, you are entitled to a discount of 400 rubles (for the order from 3000 rubles). Also, they have a loyalty program “Bonuses for previous purchases.” In your bonus account bonuses for previous orders. The bonus you can pay your next order.
And you can put in our online store their girlfriends and friends and get a 650 rubles to your bonus account. These bonuses you can also pay for their orders.

Delivery of the order in any part of Russia. In any city, town, village, or the village of their vast country.

Come to their online store every day, and you will always find something new!


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