Lazada is an online shopping mall that offers a large selection of world-class brands, including Easytaxi, FoodPanda, PricePanda, Wimdu, Lamido, and Zalora. It is a Southeast Asian online department store with operations in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

What Lazada brought on the E-commerce game is their unique alternative payment methods. They are an online shopping mall that not only offers the conventional or traditional payment method, which is typically payment via credit card or via Paypal account. But with Lazada, they offer payment methods such as “Dragon Pay”, Credit Card”, and their most famous “Cash on Delivery” payment method. “Cash on Delivery” is actually a payment method that revolutionized how online shopping is done in our country.

What “Cash on Delivery” does to customers is that allows them to order any items from the Lazada website and have it their ordered items shipped to their homes. Customers only get to pay Lazada once their order package is handed over to them at their very homes. This actually paved way in tapping the “untapped market” in our country, which are “non-credit card holders” which is more dominant in our country. By having no limitations in availing the service of Lazada, it allows anyone to become instant customers regardless if they are credit card owners or not. What makes their “Cash on Delivery” even more enticing is that they also offer Free Delivery availability to their customers.

Comparing the benefits you get from online shopping with Lazada to offline traditional Malls. Lazada saves you cash on travel expense when you go to malls. It saves you time on travel when going to the malls. You can access them anytime or from wherever you are. All you need is an Internet capable device with Internet connection and you’re good to go. Plus, Lazada Philippines is open 24/7. Regardless, if you are on night shift or day shift, you can go their online mall website anytime you want even if you are in your office during break time.

* Customer service representatives is courteous.
* Delivery was within the given time frame (3-5 days).
* Very good payment security. The credit card verification may have been tedious but it was all for the security of the transaction.

* No work on holidays.


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