Life8, the eighth day of a better life. There are seven days a week, over the busy life, there are beautiful outfit to make your life becomes different! Life8 give you special eighth day, is to experience a better life outfit. To create a new attitude towards life. Seven days a week to break the barriers, to care about the lifestyle of men and women, all objects provide the taste of life, and continue to invite new friends to join the experience.

Life8 mode uphold SPA (Speciality Store Retailer of Private Label Apparel), focused on the development and design of the popular products and has a strong team has been operating from the product planning, design, production, marketing, types of goods covering all types of clothing and shoes for men and women, package of domestic entities, the best choice for an overseas network of distributors and entities.

“Life8, the eighth day of a better life.” They are committed to providing consumers with more aesthetic clothing and shoes, and sincerely hope that more high-quality vendors and our efforts together. All types of clothing, shoe, cross-sector cooperation, joint design, project planning, advertising and marketing … etc, welcomed the initiative to negotiate a letter.


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