In the 1990’s, while Kansas paramedic Chris Johnson served as Director of the county EMS service, he saw the importance of fast communication and response times during an emergency. When he founded LiveWatch in 2002, Chris brought his passion and experience to an industry that needed help. The security systems of the time were simply not good enough. LiveWatch was on a mission to create cutting-edge home security that would be accessible and affordable to ordinary families.

Today we’re still carrying out and expanding upon that vision by developing innovative home security solutions like ASAPer, which is the fastest system for connecting with your loved ones in an emergency. The systems may be more powerful than they were in 2002, but our day-to-day goal remains the same: treat every customer like a family member and make sure they get only the best and simplest solutions for their individual safety needs.

Everyone deserves to have peace of mind in their own home. We ensure this peace of mind by providing home security you can be confident in – security that’s simple, affordable, personalized, and most importantly, reliable.

We developed Plug&Protect to be a perfect marriage of these principles, all in one simple package. And our commitment doesn’t end there – our award-winning customer center takes pride in being there for you when you need us, so you can relax and enjoy what matters most.


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