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The shoe store and online fashion Paqueta has many choices in shoes, bags and male and female accessories. To help you easily find what you need, the Paqueta organized the shop in a simple way. In the categories Women’s Shoes Shoes and Men’s variety in slippers, sandals, sneakers, shoes and sneakers. In the sessions dedicated to Handbags & Accessories, women and men can choose the model to complete a fashion look for any occasion. Free Shipping for South and Southeast for purchases above R $ 149.90

The Network Paqueta Stores, part of the Paquetá Group, currently has more than 50 stores in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Parana and Rio de Janeiro. Focusing on offering affordable fashion, offers its footwear and accessory stores of major brands available in the market, always giving priority to quality, variety and good service.

The Paqueta Group was born on June 20, 1945, in Sapiranga, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Initially a small shoe industry. Today, the company consists of various businesses: footwear industry, retail shoes, own brands, real estate and manages credit cards. It has 18,000 employees, more than 350 stores and produces over 12 million pairs of shoes per year.

The brands Paqueta, Gaston, Paqueta Sports, Esposende, Dumond, Capodarte, Lilly’s Closet, Atelier Mix and Ortopé makes up the company’s business mix.


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