Macphun – For everyone who takes pictures Review

Explore the unlimited power and versatility of Mac photo editing software with the acclaimed apps from Macphun. Whether your camera of choice is a DSLR or smartphone, a few mouse clicks can turn any photo into a personal masterpiece. And, no matter your skill level at editing photos or the subject matter — portrait, landscape, architecture, street, sports, fashion, events or more — the powerful tools found in the Creative Kit or Aurora HDR have you covered.

Want to creatively go further when you edit photos on your Mac? Creative Kit lets you first fix images by removing unwanted objects, cropping, fixing exposure and reducing digital noise. Then, tap into your inner awesome by revealing details and colors, playing with focus and blurring effects, and exploring classic black & white looks. Aurora HDR is perfect for photo editing with high-contrast scenes that normally makes your camera melt down. By combining several copies of the same image — taken at different exposure levels — you achieve a perfectly balanced result!


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