Marisa S.A. is the largest Brazilian department store chain specialized in women’s clothing based on the number of stores in Brazil. The Company’s business strategy and operations focus primarily on middle-lower income women between the ages of 20 and 35. The Company’s target customers are members of the largest socioeconomic group in Brazil, according to the Brazilian Association of Population Studies (Associação Brasileira de Estudos Populacionais), or ABEP. Marisa designs and sells at competitive prices a wide variety of products that reflect current national and international fashion trends. Its products are sold primarily under the brand “Marisa” and are displayed in Marisa’s stores according to “lifestyle” categories.

Women´s fashionable apparel is presented according to the following life styles: young, contemporaneous, classic, surf wear, aerobics and beach: intimate apparel is presented according to life styles: young, contemporaneous, sensual and classic; men’s fashionable apparel is presented according to life styles: young, contemporaneous, casual and social; and kids’ fashionable apparel is segmented according to age groups: 1 to 3, 4 to 8 and 10 to 16.

In addition, Marisa invested in the stores’ visual merchandising, aiming at boosting the purchase of complementary items. The Company introduced the freshness concept (daily product renewal, aimed at constantly attracting clients to the stores.

Marisa believes its success is due to its stores’ pleasant and modern environment, which are well decorated and have creative and attractive display windows. The Company strives to offer its customers a higher quality of customer service than that offered by its main competitors and to transform their shopping experience into a “dream” instead of just the purchase of clothing.


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