Mintia Shop is a place on the web where you can find an alternative to expensive cosmetic brands.

Meet high-quality cosmetics and makeup accessories straight from the UK and the USA. Products considered among bloggers and wearers Youtube, winning Best Beauty Buys.

They want to continue to grow and expand our product range. They offer products for:

Eyes, Mouth, Face, Nails, Brushes, Body, Hair, Home Spa, An Idea for a gift.

Shipments carry out on a regular basis, usually those paid to 12 hours are shipped the same day. In the period before Christmas this time may be slightly longer. Expected delivery should be counted from the time of shipment. Prices include VAT.

The quickest method of payment are electronic transfers through Payu, or Paypal – money once they are posted to our account and we can begin to implement the contract. This guarantees the fastest delivery order.


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