Momo was established in 2004 Nian . 9 months, capital amounted to NT $ 14.21 billion. Taiwan Mobile Group shareholder structure comprises 44.3 %, Lotte Group (LOTTE) 15%, TECO Group 11.2%, other 29.4%.

Momo based in Taiwan, but also international look, 2011 for Beijing Gehua Fubon commerce companies began offering television marketing in Beijing, 2013 Nian merchandise will also continue to expand sales into Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region; , 2014 Nian . 6 Yue momo joint venture and Thailand TVD TVD SHOPPING CO., LTD the company has also started operations , with the hope that the successful experience in Taiwan, to the rest of Asia, while leading momo suppliers internationalization, we believe that in addition to customer service can be a service provider, with the entire supply chain to the world stage.

Momo recruit the most professional talent, combined with the industry’s top partners, uphold the core concept of “affordable” is, through television, Internet and catalogs, to construct the most trusted shopping platform, to create a sustainable maximum customer satisfaction degree shopping experience


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