You want to sell used books, get rid of old CD or DVD or sale of video games? You are the right place!

If you want to sell books on Momox, simply enter the barcode number or ISBN number of the book you want to sell.
You find these usually on the back of the book or its jacket or on one of first pages of the volume. You discover then immediately the price at which we propose to buy the book. If you want to sell more books, repeat until your book sale is completed. Then go to the fund or add other items, if you want to sell video games for example.

After making your selling books online, you are left with more then just print the delivery, put all the articles and the delivery in a package, stick on the package label with the address and send the packages by mail or wait for the courier picks it up. Only a few days and the money is in your account!

The purchase of CD works the same way as the book purchase. If you want to buy a CD , look for its bar code number on the back of the housing or in the booklet. Enter it and immediately see the price at which we propose to buy the CD. Once completed the sale of CDs, everything works just like a book purchases.

Sell ​​DVD is as simple as selling books sell CDs. Like the CD, the barcode number of a DVD is usually on the back of the housing or in the booklet. By the way: if you want sell movies, you can not only sell DVD but also sell Blu Ray.

Last but not least, Momox also allows the sale of console games or PC. Whether you want to sell Playstation games, Wii, Xbox or Gameboy or use the purchase of video games for selling PC games – the service purchase Momox games guarantees you an attractive fixed price and a fast and safe sales. The barcode number is usually on the back of the packaging. Everything else works exactly as for DVD purchase, books and CDs!


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