Garment factory “Children’s Clothing” was established in 2000, it is equipped with modern equipment imported. The factory employs highly qualified engineers, designers and seamstresses. Total factory employs 300 people. For the production of children’s clothing using only quality fabric. Products factory has received many different awards and medals of the Russian competition of children’s products.

The online children’s clothing store offers to all fathers and mothers a great opportunity to buy quality products at below market prices. At the same time you do not need to spend time walking around shopping, standing in line and buy the goods of dubious origin. On site you can easily explore the directories that have fashions to the most exacting taste. Take your time and choose the best of everything. And, if desired, to get acquainted with the certificates and other documents confirming the high quality of clothes for the children. As customer, you will know exactly what to buy goods that are unable to harm the health of the child, to make him allergic reactions and skin disorders. In addition, you can buy our clothes like that is not in your shops. This means that your kids will stand out from their peers, and always feel comfortable – both physical and emotional.

What products can offer to clients? Firstly, blouses, skirts and dresses for girls costumes for kids, pants, sweaters, shirts and more for everyday wear. Despite the fact that the clothing is not designed for the holidays, it is sewn in accordance with the fashion trends of today, with quality, beautiful fabrics. The designers each year to create up to ten collections of fashion, each of which – about fifty elements that are compatible with each other. Knitwear, chiffon, cotton lycra and other fabrics can create a lot of clothes for children, and a variety of sizes – to put all the offspring of your family in online store!


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